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Paint Effects

Paint has greater versatility than any other surface finish.
In the hands of a Master Craftsman, paint when applied with specialist tools, can evoke the look of other materials such as marble, tortoise shell, wood, fabric or in this case ancient stone.

Furniture Painting

Furniture painting has seen a renaissance over recent years, with the advent of the painted kitchen.
It requires great skills; from correctly preparing the surface painting, to recognising what the item may previously have been treated with, so it will not cause problems for the new paint system.
A beautifully painted piece of furniture should deceive the client as to how it was done.


Gilding is a general term for the technique of applying metals in leaf form. Although gold leaf may be the most popular metallic leaf, the term is not limited to this only, examples include:
Silver Leaf
White Gold
Dutch Metal and others

French Polishing

The French polisher is a trades person in his own right. The skills include, staining, waxing, lacquering, restoration as well as polishing.

Quality Decor have trained operatives in a large number of these skills.

Grained Fireplace

Graining is a specialist skill. This involves producing a painted imitation of the decorative markings of wood.

Marbled Fireplace

Marbling is a specialist paint effect aimed at making a painted surface look like marble.


The modern airless spray units are very clean and versatile. The standard of finish from a spray unit can easily surpass that of conventional painting. We at Quality Decor believe that with the conversion of the decorating industry to acrylic based paints there will be a rapid growth in this market.

Fact:-  In America, 90% of paint is applied by spray, this includes the D.I.Y. market. We at Quality Decor are ahead of the pack with our investment in this area.