At Quality Decor our craftsmen are skilled at working with you to sensitively restore your home to its full glory, whether its the Kitchen, the lounge, bathroom, dining room, contemporary, Victorian or Tudor styling, we have years of experience to fall back on.

Interior Dust Free Decorating

We are not working on just any interior job, but its your home and your space.

Quality Decor will take the utmost care. All carpets have edges taped, we use the best quality fleece lined dust sheets and specialist dust extraction sanding equipment. Plus many other measures minimize the inconvenience to you and your family.

Paper Hanging

Every trained decorator knows how to hang ordinary wallpaper properly, but what about the out of the ordinary?

There are a vast range of specialist wall hangings on the market today. Some are very expensive, many need special care in handling. Some are difficult to hang. The specialist paperhanger, who has learnt how to deal with any type of material, is in great demand.

Look at some of the things our paperhangers have to cope with:-

  • Silks and Hessians can easily stain whilst pasting.
  • Hand made prints are sometimes so fragile that the pattern can come off if moisture gets on the surface.
  • Lincrusta needs the refuge edges trimmed and can easily crack if handled incorrectly.
  • Metal surfaced papers show up every speck of dust or grit.
  • Paperhanging is a very demanding skill!

Hand Painted Kitchens

We excel at hand painting beautiful kitchens. The top levels of the finest detailing shows throughout every corner and edge, often bringing new life to a kitchen and lifting its surroundings.